My Mother's Friend 1975

A woman, who has just separated from her husband, comes to stay at the villa of the friend. The friend is away (and throughout the whole movie only appears as a voice on the phone), but the woman's goofy son (who looks like he just escaped from the Monkees) is staying there too. The son falls for her, not surprisingly since she always dresses in skimpy miniskirts or bikinis, and rarely closes the door when she is changing clothes or showering.

X-Men: First Class 2011

Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were arch-enemies, they were closest of friends, working together with other mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known.

The Five Cents of Lavarede 1939

Some try to travel around the world with a time constraint, but Lavarède has to perform an even harder task than Phineas Fogg. His assignment is to go around the globe with a mere five cents coin. Worse, he can't even spend it or else he will not come into the money of his inheritance. To make sure Lavarède plays by the rules of the game, two supervisors stick to him like a shadow. Will the young man meet this unbelievable challenge?

Destino: Estambul 68 1967

A flood of counterfeit dollars flooded the global market and is creating alarm in governments around the world. Jeff, a dynamic young journalist is commissioned by the director of his newspaper, to investigate a very strange case: find out the whereabouts of his friend, Professor Norton, who’s mysteriously disappeared.

Love Birds 1969

Two couples live their erotic fantasies out until one of the women is murdered.

Ambiguous 2003

Ambiguous is a 2003 Japanese Pink film directed by Toshiya Ueno. It was chosen as Best Film of the year at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony. Five suicidal people meet on the Internet and form a 'suicide group'. They all have reasons for which they want to terminate their lives. They arrange to meet at one of the member's homes to spend their last hours together. One of the women hastily kills herself in front of the others. The remaining four members decide to deal with their problems and live. Based loosely on an actual account that took place in Japan. Life, sex and redemption. Ambiguous also stars Nikki Sasaki (Nurse Sisters, Cuffs). Pink Cinema at its darkest...

The Last Blood 1983

A soldier attacks his corrupt superior officer and is court marshalled but before he can be sent to a firing squad he escapes...

Night Wars 1988

Two Vietnam Veterans have realistic nightmares about the war. So real are these nightmares that they start getting injured in them, and bringing things back that they had in the dream. They then buy weapons and go in to try and get one of their friends out that originally died in a POW camp during the Vietnam war. This is made harder by a traitor from the US Military Corps.

Multiple Personality Detective Psycho - Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 2000

Yosuke Kobayashi, a detective assigned on a homicide unit, saw his wife killed by a serial killer, Shinji Nishizono. From a shock he suffered MPD (multiple personality disorder) and became Kazuhiko Amamiya. Soon after he managed to hunt down and killed the murderer of his wife, new series of murders have occurred and the suspects claimed to be Shinji Nishizono himself. Is it really him? Or a copycat? And who is Kazuhiko Amamiya?

Emmanuelle in the Country 1982

When Emanuelle (Gemser) arrives in the small Italian village heads start turning and eyes start popping. All males in the town are falling all over themselves trying to get a look (or a feel) of the new doctor. One in particular is the fiancee of the mayor's daughter. A kind of "Hatfield's and McCoy's" feud with a political twist has been going on and the young lovers' families are, unfortunately, on opposite sides. Emanuelle's shower becomes the target of a gang of voyeurs, including the pillars of the community. She uses it as a stage to taunt the watchers to charge into her apartment on the notion that she is showering with the mayor's daughter's fiancee. Instead of what they expected, they find the two young lovers in bed. Can Emanuelle shame them into allowing the marriage that they had been preventing?

3 2012

Dissatisfied with his new life (and wife), a man tries to insinuate himself back into the home of the ex-wife and daughter he left ten years before, in this heartwarming and hilarious comedy-drama from Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll Ward (25 Watts, Whisky).

Scruggs: A Festival of Music 1972

Musical documentary records Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Scruggs' son Randy, Doc Watson and his son Merle playing and singing together in informal settings. Also includes performances by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Byrds and others

The Four Roughnecks 1974

Gimme gimme gimme! Yusaku Matsuda and his gang are on the hunt for women, money and more money! The late legendary actor, Yusaku Matsuda, stars in this explosive motion picture about the hedonistic lifestyles of four roughnecks directed by Yukihiro Sawada. Takeo Natsuki (Yusaku Matsuda) was just released from prison. He was the leader of three rascals; all they did was cause trouble. When they meet a girl whose father is resisting a forced eviction to make way for a construction site, they come up with their own plans to solve the problem.

March Goes out Like a Lamb 2017

The time spent between professional Shogi player Kiriyama and his three stories helps to heal his wounds. As he prepares to secure another win in an upcoming tournament, the father who left the three sisters appears and disturbs the peace.

Hoch der Lambeth Valk 1941

A 1941 Ministry of Information propaganda film set to the tune of The Lambeth Walk, a popular song from the musical Me and My Girl.

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