Jim Donovan, director

With 20 years of directing behind him, Jim Donovan has been fortunate to participate in a broad tapestry of experiences in film, commercials, television, music videos and new media. After graduating with distinction from Concordia University's Communication Studies program in 1989, Jim got his start in music videos and commercials, earning several awards along the way. In parallel he directed several short films including Papillon, New Gold Dream and 2MAYHEM3, which was shot in New York and received in the international competition at Montreal's Festival of New Cinema in 1996.

Since then, Jim has focused on work in television and cinema. His first feature, Pure, was shot independently with Producers Marcel Giroux (Liste Noire) and Vito Balenzano (Jack & Ella) featuring up and coming Canadian actors Laura Jordan (Berkeley, Final Draft) , Gianpaolo Venuta (Il Duce Canadese), Karen Simpson (Saved by The Belles) and Tim Rozon (Instant Star). Pure was invited to several international festivals, including the Montreal Festival of new Cinema the Calgary International Film Festival, The Canadian Filmmakers Festival (Toronto), and The Indie Film Festival Brazil. The film earned Jim a nomination for best direction in a feature film at the 2005 Director’s Guild of Canada Awards and a Special Jury Award at the Canadian Filmmakers Festival.

Jim is supporting the release of his latest feature project, 3 Saisons. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, 3 Saisons features Caroline Néron, Romano Orzari, Frank Schorpion, Carinne Leduc and Shawn Baichoo. The film premiered at the Montreal Festival of New Cinema in October 2008, and was invited to the Sao Paolo International and Victoria film festivals. In competition at the 2008 Whistler Film Festival, it was awarded the Borsos prize for Best Canadian Feature and Best Actress. For Carinne Leduc.

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