affiche Pure


by Jim Donovan
fiction | 2005 | 80 minutes | english

with Laura Jordan, Gianpaolo Venuta, Karen Simpson, Robert Crooks and Tim Rozon

On summer vacation in the suburbs, Misha meets Josh, a sweet, sensitive and offbeat type – with a secret. "My mind plays tricks on me sometimes," he tells her. Intrigued, she brings him along to Montréal to find an apartment, register for classes, and maybe a little more. Misha is eager for classes to begin, but she can’t hide from her quirky friends Angie, Ricky, Mike and Sabrina. A dizzying escapade through Montréal's after-hours club scene ensues. The next day, when class registration doesn’t quite go as planned, a disappointed Misha turns her attentions towards ex-beau, Sam. But Josh’s feelings for Misha spin out of control and Misha unwittingly finds herself having to choose in life, love and destiny. Can she follow her heart and choose what's best for her?

awards & nominations

Nomination at the Directors Guild of Canada 2005 for the DGC Craft Award - best direction


Director Jim Donovan
Writer Eugene Garcia
Producers Marcel Giroux and Vito G. Balenzano
Associate producer Bruno Rosato
Production company GPA Films

Cinematography Jean-Pierre Gauthier
Film editing Jim Donovan, Alain Baril and Eugene Garcia
Sound Arnaud Derimay
Original Music Simon Wayland and Peter Xirogiannis


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